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Cotognastro Bonsai - Cotoneastet

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Quince Bonsai. 

It is a shrub of the rosaceae family, it has small shiny leaves that take on a reddish color in autumn. Red fruits will develop from its small flowers. 

The Cotognastro is suggestive in all seasons and is a species suitable for bonsai cultivation. Prostrate, cascade, on rock and double trunk these are the typical shapes in which it is worked.

It has a good thermal resistance: resistance to cold and also withstands high temperatures well. It can stay in full sun, except for the months of July and August when it is best to keep it in partial shade.

It is good to let the soil dry between one watering and another. In the summer, it loves the vaporization of water on the leaves. It can be repotted every two years, in autumn or spring.

Sprout the branches on the second leaf when it has five. The training pruning must be carried out in March, at the time of repotting. It is better not to intervene after the month of September. Trim new shoots during the growing season to encourage thickening. The thread can be put on from March.