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Come far durare più a lungo i fiori recisi.

How to make cut flowers last longer.

The flowers you buy for yourself or give away deserve to last as long as possible. This is not only because you have spent some money but also to enjoy more days of their beauty. Well-preserved flowers stay beautiful longer and your home will look gorgeous.

To make cut flowers last longer, we must make sure to always keep the bouquet fresh and avoid rot that is created in stagnant water.

Here are some of the basic rules:

  1. The vase with cut flowers should be placed in the coolest place in the house. Not in the sun and away from heat sources. In winter, during the night, we can move it to an unheated room or even outside the window, as long as the temperature does not drop below zero.
  2. The water in the jar must always be fresh. Change it at least once a day and in summer even twice. Remember to wash the pot well and remove any residues that can cause rot.
  3. Every two water changes, shorten the stem by about 1 centimeter. Use a sharp scissors and normally cut obliquely, to increase the water absorption surface.
  4. Try not to immerse the leaves that tend to rot in the vase and therefore it is good to remove.
  5. Obviously, with the passing of days, the withered flowers must be eliminated because they release harmful substances into the water that accelerate the withering of the other flowers.
  6. If you want to make your bouquets live as long as possible, also use specific preservatives for cut flowers.


I hope these tips are to your liking.




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