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I Ciclamini colorano i nostri inverni.

Cyclamen color our winters.

We begin to see cyclamen from September and among the winter flowers they are the ones that best resist low temperatures. With cyclamen your balconies will be cheerful and full of colors.

Ciclamino bianco Rimini consegna fiori rimini

How can we take care of our cyclamen to make them last all winter? 

The potted cyclamen normally has large flowers and a flood of colors and shades of colors. To make them last, you need to find the right position.
Cyclamen love light, but not direct, and environments that are not too hot. So try to put cyclamen in cool areas of the house, with temperatures between 10 and 18 degrees. Do not leave them exposed to drafts or in areas exposed to gusts of wind. In summer, cyclamen should be placed in the coolest area of the house and away from direct sunlight.

Ciclamino rosso Rimini consegna fiori rimini

The potted cyclamen resists the cold but beware of the harshest winter frosts that could be fatal for the plant. 

In winter, cyclamen does not need a lot of water: just make sure the soil is moist and if not, add a little water by pouring it directly into the saucer so the plant will use the amount of water it needs. In summer it will not need a lot of water as it is not in its vegetative cycle this season.

Ciclaminio Fucsia Rimini consegna fiori rimini

Towards June the cyclamen will no longer have flowers. Remove the dried leaves and withered flowers. At the beginning of summer, only the bulbs will remain: keep them in a shaded area and away from the sun. In September, you can transfer them to new soil and water them more regularly.

Precisely because of these peculiarities, the cyclamen is a perfect example of a Christmas plant: a colorful, beautiful and inexpensive gift.

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