Bonsai Pepper


Chinese pepper is a plant with small paripinnate leaves, and is an indoor bonsai and therefore must be protected from temperatures below 10 ° C.

Chinese pepper is particularly common in the Himalayas, Japan and Korea. It usually grows like a shrub and can reach two meters in height. From its fruits a spicy spice is obtained. Its leaves are dark green and shiny. Ripe fruits are reddish and look like peppercorns.

It can be kept outside throughout the year if the temperature is hot. In temperate areas it can be placed in a sunny place from May to September. From autumn to spring, the tree needs a warm place with plenty of light and temperatures of at least 15 °. In winter, keep it away from cold drafts.

Plenty of water in the summer, but don't let it stagnate below. Water it as soon as the surface of the soil dries. In winter it should be watered carefully.

Use liquid fertilizer every 15/20 days from spring to autumn and every 30 days in winter.