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Variegated Christmas Star - Height 55

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The stars of Christmas They begin to enter our homes again at the beginning of each month of December.

Not only red as per tradition but also white, pink, mottled, with shapes and sizes that can be adapted to every corner of your home.

But beware of the flower, of yellow color, it is the central part of the colored leaves which are called bracts.

It suffers from the cold and it is important to keep it away from drafts but also from direct sun. He still wants light and temperaideal ture is around 20 °, therefore perfect for homes and offices.

The earth in the pot must always be moist but you must not leave water in the saucer. Do not use cold water, we advise you of to fill of water the watering can leaving it to rest for the next watering.

If you want to cut the colored leaves, to use them in your Christmas decorations, you will have to stop the milk from leaking by passing the cut part over a flame.

Once flowering is complete, the plant will physiologically lose part of the leaves. In the spring period it will be necessary to bring it into the garden and carry out a fairly vigorous pruning. During the year, if the plant grows too much, other lighter cuts can be made, but not after August, as the plant will have to prepare for flower induction.

There Christmas Star it is a photoperiod plant, that is, with flower induction only when the days get shorter. For this reason it is very important, for those who have one at home Christmas Star last year, do not keep it in places where it can receive artificial light.

Towards October-November it must be brought home, in a dimly lit environment (8 hours max of light per day) at the very end of facilitate growth of new leaves e of new branches. Another small trick to make the Christmas Star is fertilization based of potassium and phosphorus, especially in the autumn-winter period.

N.B .: the price of the plant NOT includes the price of the vase