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Triple Ficus Bonsai

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The Bonsai Ficus is an indoor bonsai and for this reason it must be protected from frost. It can be kept outside when temperatures are above 15 ° C. It does well in full sun and a very shady location is not good. The temperature should be kept relatively constant. Ficus can withstand low humidity, but they need a lot of moisture to develop its aerial roots.  

The Ficus Bonsai should be watered normally, therefore abundant water should be given whenever the soil becomes slightly dry but can tolerate sporadic excessive or scarce wetting. It should be watered with fresh water at room temperature and sprayed every day to maintain humidity, obviously without exaggerating to avoid the creation of fungi. In winter, the warmer the environment, the more it needs water. If the environment is cool, it just needs damp.

Fertilize every one or two weeks during the summer, every two to four in the winter. With both liquid and organic fertilizer.