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Olive Bonsai

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The Olive tree is the Italian bonsai par excellence which with specific debarking techniques (jin, shari and sabamiki) make it particularly interesting to modify its appearance early, making it old for aesthetic research. With the topping technique, the Olive Bonsai emits a considerable amount of buds and the formation of new branches, facilitating the transformation of the bonsai to the desired shape.

In spring and autumn, the Olive Bonsai is good to keep it in full sun, it is the time of awakening, the direct sunlight allows it to vegetate quickly, producing sturdy branches, short internodes and small leaves.
In summer, the Olive tree can sunbathe but only but only in the morning. Therefore find the right position so that in the afternoon it is no longer exposed to the sun. Also in summer it is recommended to place it in a saucer with gravel to keep moist. 
In winter in the south, the plant can also be kept outdoors; while in the north, it is to protect it from frosts by keeping it under cover.

The olive tree loves well-drained soils and must be dried before watering. Furthermore, being an evergreen plant, it should also be watered in winter, usually in the morning to ensure that the water drains well. Obviously with longer intervals between one irrigation and the next.

The Olive Bonsai should be fertilized only in the vegetative period (March-June and mid-August - mid-October). perhaps with slow release fertilizers (such as Biogold, Hanagokoro, Aburukasu, etc.) which provide a constant release avoiding the excessive concentration of mineral salts.