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Dracaena marginata

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The Dracena Marginata is a typical houseplant, very common for its ease of care and which is also satisfied with little light and little humidity. Typical situation of our apartments. 
It develops on thin and slender trunks that carry tufts of leaves that end in a point. During its growth the lower leaves dry out. To always have beautiful leaves, it is advisable to wipe them with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid spray polishes that can damage them. 
Give water only after the soil has dried. Periodically vaporize the foliage, especially in summer. It does not like water stagnation which can cause root rot.
Love the light, but not the direct rays of the sun. Placing it near a window, filtered by a curtain, would be ideal.
A balanced monthly fertilization ensures the right nourishment and to have healthy foliage.


(vase in the picture not included)